CLINIC DRESS - Workwear in Healthcare


Whether it's a doctor's office, beauty salon or nursing home, in healthcare you need workwear that looks good and feels good. That sits as comfortably after a strenuous shift as it did before - and keeps its shape and color even after umpteen washes. That's why CLINIC DRESS workwear combines design with endurance. Soon for your team too?

Among other things and for …

Health & Beauty

Whether it's a tunic or a gown, if the fit and comfort are right, you can really engage with your patients or clientele.

SPA & Wellness

So that you feel as comfortable at work as the people you pamper: practice and care clothing for the spa and wellness sector.


As dentists and dental assistants, you need appropriate and well-cared-for professional clothing for your practice and laboratory.

Veterinary Services & Veterinary Medicine

Professional clothing for veterinarians in veterinary practice and veterinary clinics - functional and durable clothing for your daily work.

Current catalogs in PDF format

In the download area you will find the latest CLINIC & JOB DRESS catalogs for download. Would you like to order our catalog in paper form?  You are welcome to contact us, we will be happy to send it to you.

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