Tasteful professional fashion for the hospitality industry


Anyone who looks after guests in a café, restaurant or hotel must also look their best. Professional clothing is part of the business card of every hospitality business. With Profi Dress you prove your good taste: to match your appearance, we supply durable and comfortable professional clothing for the entire hospitality industry. Are you up for a sample?

Among other things for ...


From chef jackets to aprons, you'll find the full range of professional clothing for your kitchen team.

Service & Reception

Workwear with logo and corporate identity: In the hotel and hospitality industry, the outfit is part of your business card.


Tunic, trousers, overhang or apron: With profi dress you are comfortably and neatly dressed - with complete freedom of movement.


Those who pamper others should feel completely comfortable: Choose professional workwear with a high level of comfort for spa and wellness.

Current catalogs in PDF format

In the download area you will find the latest CLINIC & JOB DRESS catalogs for download. Would you like to order our catalog in paper form?  You are welcome to contact us, we will be happy to send it to you.

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