Individual customer solutions

Exclusive workwear for your team


Are you looking for exclusive workwear to match your company's corporate design? Develop your team wear together with us. It's best if we talk directly about the wide range of possibilities based on our broad standard range - and so much more. You can rely on fit and comfort all around, even with custom-made products, you will receive size sets to try on.


  • Service: We will quickly sample your model selection, define fabrics and determine sizes.
  • Quality: The industrial washable workwear undergoes extensive wear and washing tests to ensure that it retains its color and shape for everyday work.
  • Repurchase guarantee: On request, we will handle the storage for a quick follow-up delivery.
  • Refinement: We personalize your models in-house with textile printing and embroidery.
  • Experience: Thanks to decades of textile and industry experience, we can fulfill your requests professionally and quickly.
  • Design: Our development and design department in Germany provides creative input and realizes your specifications.
  • Expert advice: Multilingual textile and industry experts and a dedicated contact person advise you - with expertise and commitment.
  • A wide range of workwear with repurchase guarantee
  • Textile know-how for rapid product development
  • Clothing concepts and textile finishing for your corporate identity
  • Possibility for custom designs
  • Your personal contact is there for you on all channels
  • Our sales department will call on you and advise you on site
  • We will store your reserve stocks and deliver quickly to
  • User-friendly webshops are available 24/7

CLINIC & JOB DRESS – Your specialist for workwear


Are you looking for textile support? Do you want to inspire your team with durable and comfortable workwear? At Clinic & Job Dress you get your desired textiles and service with no ifs, ands or buts. When and where can we advise you?